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We won’t burden you with that many words, but we would like to tell you about our student sponsorship program!  Our first year to facilitate secondary school sponsorships was 2010 — 15 boys and girls were sent to boarding schools in the area. In 2011, we provided 28 more children with sponsors!  As 2012 approaches and the 65 children in Class 8 of our Primary School await the results of their all-important K.C.P.E. (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exams that will determine their ability to attend Secondary School, we are once again seeking sponsors for the next four critical years of their education.  Their very lives and the lives of their families depend on their ability to go on to high school! 

The Kenya government does NOT pay for Secondary Education (they provide schools, but fees must be paid to attend them).  VERY FEW of the children at our school are able to move on without our help, as the majority are well below the poverty level; many come from single parent families and some are orphaned.  The 43 pictured above stand a chance in life — some are blossoming into top students, all are reported to be well-behaved and earnest in their endeavours, striving to achieve.  We are very proud of these young people and look forward to seeing them become the doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineers, secretaries, nurses, teachers, etc. that they dream of achieving.


If a picture is worth a thousand words —

                              43 are worth forty-three thousand words!

FOR $2.00 A DAY,



  1. As the children leave our primary school at 14 years of age, there are two choices — pay to attend secondary school or go to work for $1.00 a day, if they are fortunate.  Their parents cannot pay for further schooling.   

  2. YOU CAN HELP!  WE NEED SPONSORS to commit to 4 years of further education for a child in need.  GIVE A SPONSORSHIP as a birthday or Christmas gift: SPONSOR in honour of a loved one or SHARE a sponsorship.

  3. Please download the attached form to read more about the program for these children:                           Sponsorship Brochure.pdf

or, contact us at:



Why boarding school?

We feel strongly that it gives the Kenyan child a nurturing, academic environment — they are guaranteed adequate food, electric light to study by, no family pressures to do other work and the all-round competitive and social skills needed for their future life.