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KENYA: Textbooks — While the government supplies textbooks, they are few — and have to be shared between many students.  We have started filling in the gaps from Class 8 downward.  Thanks to generous donors, Classes 8, 7 and 6 have been supplied this year.  At this time, we need text books for Classes 5 through 1.  The cost of this will vary between $100.00-200.00 per subject for a class of 50-80 children (example: Class 4 has 25 science books and needs 50 more = $170).  If you have a favourite subject (English, Kiswahili, Math, Science, Social Studies, C.R.E.)  and/or a particular age group you would care to donate for, please contact Mary Fry or Nora Ottaviano for a quote.  Asante sana!

Building Improvements needed: $1000 will pay for 1/4 of the electrical wiring.

$5000 = 1/4 share in the cost of a new block consisting of a Library and Computer room.

Kenya or Rwanda — Primary School Sponsorship Opportunities: $ 60 a year will sponsor a very needy child in Primary School by providing a uniform, shoes and supplies.

Girls’ needs, Kenya:

$500 will prevent adolescent girls from missing days at school each month (by making feminine supplies available at the school each term.)

Gifts in Kind:

Laptops: We have a wonderful teacher for computers at our school and 2 or 3 useful laptops, but could do with more!  If you have a used laptop still in working condition, please consider giving it to Bloom!  It will give the children a great head start for Secondary School.

Airline Miles: It is so vital to be able to be ‘on the ground’ and see people we’re dealing with “Face to Face”.  Airline miles would be much appreciated — ask Mary Fry how you can help!

Pencils, pens, soccer balls, books, etc.: While it is tempting to collect supplies of all kinds for children (and, we are happy to do so), monetary gifts are best.  Not only do we not have to pay for shipping and risk the items being ‘lost’ along the way, but by purchasing as much as possible in the country (Kenya or Rwanda), we are also helping their economies and perhaps sending a shopkeepers child to school!

Urgent Christmas Plea:  While we are asking for sponsors at this ’giving time’ of year for Secondary Students, we find we have another immediate need — During the Parent's Day of our Enrichment Camp in Kenya this summer, a lady spontaneously stood up to sing a song for me. As she
sang I was so touched, I had a lump in my throat, Then, I saw a large lump on her neck, actually. I mentioned it to our Assistant HM, as she would be taking the children who had been assessed with medical needs to a local clinic and I felt this mother should be seen to as well. Long story shorter: It is a cancerous tumor. She is getting chemo in Nairobi and will have surgery once the tumor is reduced in size.  We are investigating the financial situation (medical costs are much less there, but more than she can afford!) and hope to provide help. Jane is 34 with 4 children aged 6 and under . Any little amount for her and her children would help greatly.                                                            Mary Fry
What better Christmas Gift than education? 
(HIGH SCHOOL) STUDENT TO YOUR STUDENT:  NOW Is the time — the school year starts in January!Student_Sponsorships.html