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Aho watera ururabo hose rwamera — “Bloom where Planted” in Rwanda

In 1997, H.M. King Kigeli of Rwanda visited Rose Tree Cottage on a mission to raise awareness and funds for the 250,000 orphans of the Rwandan Genocide.  Edmund then accompanied His Majesty to England for the same purpose.

Fast-forward to 2007: I fulfilled a desire I had as a child to visit this African country — although, not as a missionary as originally planned.  Even so, I was able to help in a small way and we continue to do so! 

Following our days in the beautiful Rwandan mountains tracking the amazing Gorillas, we spent our last night in the city of Kigali.  There, I was able to connect with a remarkable orphan organisation, now headed by a young couple who themselves are ‘Orphan heads of household’.  Having recognised the need for others in their situation (young people who are now adult or approaching adulthood, responsible for younger siblings and perhaps, their own children as well), they have started a centre where they can teach others the life skills needed to carry on.  In addition to giving these young people education, working skills (market farming, crafts, etc.), teaching household management, basic nutrition and health, etc., they have organised a dance troupe to continue their tribal customs as well.  These two inspirational young people are working so incredibly hard to provide for many others like themselves in Rwanda.  They feel it is the way they can give thanks to God for their survival. To that, one can only say "Amen!

A portion of our fund raising efforts are being channelled to this worthy group of young adults and children.  As in Kenya, we provide funds for school supplies, uniforms and school fees (primary education is not free in Rwanda) for children at the Support Centre.

Mary McNeill Fry, President