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Education is the only way forward throughout Africa.  As Kenya Consul General, Nyambura Kamau said to a gathering at Rose Tree Cottage in 2008: “We no longer have enough land to pass on to each of the next generation, so we must give them education.”

Through our visits, the children are learning that the wildlife of Africa is of great importance in a basic way... that the animals bring tourists and the tourists bring money, giving them a better life. 

This is a first step to the realisation of their responsibility (and ours) to their environment and our planet.  They must learn how to protect the endangered and know the importance of observing the sociology of these fascinating creatures if they are to maintain their fragile co-existence and protect the animals from poaching.


Usitawi Mahala Umepandwa —  “Bloom Where Planted” in Kenya

Through education, children will learn about the importance of population control for their personal welfare and that of our planet.  They learn about conflict and how to prevent it.  They are being taught to be proud of their heritage without tribalism.  Girls are being taught that they can choose their future.  Boys are being taught they can work toward a better life.  All of these teachings will help them to bloom where they are planted.                                                                                                   Photographs this page, ©Mary Fry