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Picha! — Swahili for: Snap! goes the lens of a camera and a slice of life is captured. In this book you will see the lives of youth in Kenya as seen through their own viewfinders. Sixty first-time photographers (aged 14-16) were given the opportunity to show their world as well as their artistic abilities with single-use cameras. This is their world. These are their snaps.

Available in Paper ($33.95) or Hardback ($41.95).

In store at Rose Tree Cottage (www.rosetreecottage.com) or Blurb.com.  Or, Coffee Table size, Hardcover. ($79.95)

Books that Benefit

This book is designed to teach children about those in other countries that are not as fortunate to have good schools and books, pencils and pens galore.

"Just Imagine, NO SCHOOL!" can be used in conjunction with a lesson plan for involving children in the charitable aid and fund-raising for the children in Africa — 'Child to Child'.

Available in Softcover ($27.95) or Hardback ($38.95).

In store at Rose Tree Cottage (www.rosetreecottage.com) or Blurb.com.

Birds and Wildlife in Kenya

Photography by Adam Woolfitt

Adam Woolfitt (Professional photographer, London, England) kindly volunteered to teach photography to the Standard Eight class at our school in Kenya during our 2011 Enrichment Camp. Prior to our days with the children, we went on safari!  These are Adam’s pictures from three days in the Maasai Mara and one day in Nakuru National Park — a feast for the eyes!

Available in Softcover ($29.95) or Image Wrap Hardcover ($46.95). All profits go to Bloom Where Planted.  In store at Rose Tree Cottage (www.rosetreecottage.com) or Blurb.com.

Change a child's life today . . . 


Thank you for supporting our work in Kenya and Rwanda! All donations made to Bloom Where Planted are eligible for tax deductions. Online donations can be made through Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.

Bloom Where Planted is a non-profit public charity


Every little bit counts

and every little bit goes to the intended cause!

You may specify your desire project in Kenya or Rwanda —

see Needs.



Made by Class Four, these bracelets are available for a $10.00 donation (+shipping).  All of these funds go to needs in that class!

“Made in Kenya”

• At Rose Tree Cottage, a red dot on the tag signifies the item is made in Kenya and 10% will go to our school.  Tea cosies, jewelry, canvas and leather bags, watercolours, etc.